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Grafitti removal

How common is it to be driving around Montreal and pass by a property that's been defaced in the middle of the night? As the area's leader in pressure washing, Lavage Doux Bam sees it all the time. We hope it doesn't happen to your storefront, apartment building, or commercial property.

But sometimes, it's inescapable, which is where we come in. Graffiti removal is never a simple task. Some surfaces require lots of pressure but others need a gentler approach. High pressure cleans but also damages older stone or brick and can leave permanent markings. Lavage Doux Bam has the proprietary biodegradable products combined with the right equipment to undertake the work on various surfaces. We are the trusted graffiti removal pros in Montreal, so call us if you need help getting rid of vandalism on or around your business.

Curb Appeal And Neighborhood Appearance

Property owners constantly invest to upkeep their buildings which they've struggled so much to acquire. Building an image in the local community takes time and effort. Then one day you become a graffiti victim. Some are harmless images but others can be very targeted hate messages, which in turn, encourage others to voice their reply on that same wall, slowly covering it with more and more color. Lavage Doux Bam offers the best pressure washing in Montreal to rid your commercial property of any graffiti so your business can look approachable again.

Don't Procrastinate, Graffiti Penetrates Into The Surface

It's highly recommended to remove graffiti sooner rather than later as paint penetrates into the surface, even moreso on porous ones. The quicker you get it off the wall, the easier it is to avoid irreversible damage. Your local pressure washing company can help remedy this problem, along with other pressure washing services like concrete cleaning and building washing.

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