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Gutter Cleaning For You In Montreal

Gutter cleaning

Gutter cleaning is a lesser known but just as vital exterior cleaning service for your home in Montreal. Gutters are an important component in your home's protection, and taking care of them means taking care of your home.

Nature has its ways of transforming our property and affecting the basic operation of gutters. Leaves and pine needles decompose, leaving mud behind that creates dams and clogs. If there is over-spilling from the gutters and onto the property or out of the gutter, you know there's a problem. This also creates dark water marks on the exterior of the gutters.

Your gutters probably need cleaning and possibly whitening in order to remove such marks! Gutters deviate water away from the foundation to protect your property from water infiltration due to cracks. Call Lavage Doux Bam, your top choice for pressure washing in Montreal, for a professional gutter cleaning service you can count on.

Don't Wait For Water Infiltration

Insurance companies refuse to cover a property for water damage if the landscape has a negative slope. This means that the ground surface slopes towards the building, which contributes to excess water puddling against or soaking into the foundation walls. The same happens if the gutters are blocked and overflow next to the foundation. It is very important to perform regular visual inspections and maintenance on your water evacuation system to make sure your gutters are clean and functional.

Ladders And Heights

A visual inspection isn't simple to perform from the 2nd floor window. Getting on the roof is one way to do it, depending on the slope. Another way is with a ladder from the ground. And that's only the beginning, you still need to unclog them. All of this increases risk of falling off a ladder while you're trying to juggle with cleaning tools. The other way, the best way, is to call your local pressure washing company for a gutter cleaning service. Our team at Lavage Doux Bam has the proper ladders and stabilizers attached to work with safety in mind. We also handle window cleaning.

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