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Do your home's exterior surfaces need the care of an expert Montreal pressure washer?

Hello, my name is Manny Mavroudis,
Being around Alex Maintenance since the 80's (my father's cleaning business which is still active) I've worked in different aspects of the industry, from office cleaning to emergency commercial roof leak clean up calls in the middle of the night, parking garage washing, and even hanging out of 15 story buildings washing windows).

Pressure washing was a small part of the business and I quickly learned that an electric power washer just won't cut it, yet I still did jobs. Not long ago, after talking to a friend in the business and doing lots of research and on the field training and working with the specialized equipment required, I decided to offer professional pressure washing in Montreal for residential and commercial properties, including roof cleaning, with the latest equipment and proprietary detergents for every job.

Thus, Lavage Doux Bam was born during these COVID times. Follow our journey as we attack the dirt on residential and commercial properties in the Greater Montreal and Laurentians areas.


  • Are you wondering what those black streaks or green moss are doing on your roof? Let me give you some good news. You don't need a new roof. Those streaks are living organisms hanging around up there, feeding off the limestone from your shingles, multiplying, with no natural predators! They're slowly damaging the roof.
  • Has your vinyl or aluminum siding ever been washed? Have you ever looked up and seen embarrassing, unwanted stains? If you can see it, so can your family and friends. That's dirt, dust, and organic growth that your garden hose will not completely remove.
  • A deck takes a beating with the cold and hot weather we have. Dust and dirt always manages to make a mess, including all the outdoor furniture that you bought last year. Is it slippery when it rains? This can possibly be caused from accidentally dropping greasy foods while cooking on the bbq and it wasn't cleaned up properly or worst, algae growth.
  • Are you living in a developing area and construction dust keeps coming your way? Or the neighbor decides to install a pool and the wind constantly blows your way as crews dig, leaving a film of undesired dust on your outdoor furniture…It's never ending.
  • You bought your beautiful home because you want to enjoy your backyard. You deserve to kick it back and relax without having to think "What will my next cleaning project be?"
  • You spend the weekend pressure washing around the house because guests are coming in a couple days and the overall cleanliness of the vinyl siding and outdoor living space isn't up to your standards. Algae, spider webs and dust need to disappear ASAP, so you get your pressure washer out and show how well you can get it done. Weeks later the algae are back and you're scratching your head. What went wrong? Is it possible you didn't use the right equipment or chemicals? You're not the only one. If you didn't kill it, it will be back.


You give it your best, but the cleaning job turned into a landscape catastrophe and there's no way you're getting involved in a new accidental project. Someone else can take care of replacing dead plants or fixing the markings left on the cedar fence from the high-pressure wand. The pressure washing was enough work!

It has its advantages when you've learned how to use it and most importantly, how to apply the chemicals without killing anything around the working area. You can clean many different surfaces with a pressure washer. Knowing what to clean and how is important. Wind and heat can play a role on the process as well. You must protect the landscape nearby.

If there's a cleaning project that you're not sure you want to undertake, you can call us at 514-659-5777. We use equipment that has the capabilities of controlling water flow and chemical ratios to avoid damaging surfaces. We soft wash the delicate surfaces and pressure wash the solid ones.

We clean and disinfect. That's what we do!

Our process always takes into account your beautiful landscaping. We take the necessary steps to protect your plants before beginning our work.

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