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Building Washing in Charlemagne, QC

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Algae and moss can damage brick surfaces over time due to their growth and presence. Here are some key points:

Moisture retention: Algae and moss thrive in damp, shady environments. Their presence on brick surfaces can lead to moisture retention, which can penetrate and weaken bricks over time.

Root penetration: Mosses, in particular, can develop tiny root structures that penetrate the porous brick surface. This root penetration can cause cracks and damage masonry.

Stains: Algae and moss can leave unsightly green or brown stains on brick surfaces. These stains can be difficult to remove and require specialized cleaning methods to restore brickwork to its original appearance.

Erosion: Algae and moss growth can contribute to the erosion of mortar between bricks. As they root and spread, they can pull the bricks apart, degrading the integrity of the mortar.

Aesthetic degradation: The presence of algae and moss can considerably diminish the aesthetic appeal of brick structures, impacting overall visual appeal and property value.

Maintenance costs: to prevent and treat algae and moss proliferation, owners may need to invest in regular cleaning, maintenance and even repair operations, increasing the overall maintenance costs of brick surfaces.

It's important to tackle algae and moss proliferation quickly, with proper cleaning and maintenance to preserve the structural and aesthetic integrity of brick surfaces.


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Client Review: Very pleased with the pressure washing job of my building. It was done very thoroughly and it exceeded my expectations. Thanks for your professional work.
- Pina G

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